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So glad you could visit our site!

A warm welcome to Ann Polera, incoming President for 2018.  This leaves Murray Thompson to assume the role of the Past President, after 5 years at the helm.  Since help is still needed (due to medical concerns) he will be staying in the 1VP role for 2018.

Are you sorting through the gardening catalogues yet?  This is a good time for reflecting on how you want your garden to look this Summer.  A whole new year in the garden is facing us, as we navigate the frosty grip of winter. Where would we be without pleasant anticipation of warmer weather?

our 2018 public appearances

The next show in which we will participate is Scarborough Seedy Saturday and Green Fair at Blessed Cardinal Newman School, 100 Brimley Rd South (south of Kingston Rd) Saturday March 24, 2018, 11am to 4pm. 


our next General meeting - Thursday, March 22, 2018- 7:30PM.Toronto Botanical gardens, 777 lawrence ave e., studio 2 (upstairs)

Ann Polera will be giving advice on how to pot-on your Chrysanthemum cuttings if you have taken cuttings already, how to get stock if you haven't. She will also cover hints and tips relating to what is needed to get your garden started, as well as and supporting and feeding your new plants.  Murray Thompson will be speaking on planning and planting your 2018 dahlia crop, whether using pots, pot-tubers, or planting directly in the ground.  This will include various methods of supporting, feeding and protecting your crop well into the month of June.


We welcome you to our group

If Chrysanthemums or Dahlias have caught your attention (or if you already grow them), why not consider joining our society?  Our membership covers several provinces, even though our main member base is from the area in Ontario which stretches from Hamilton, to Aurora, to Keswick, to Cobourg.  We plan about 6 meetings per year, holding most in the Toronto Botanical Gardens site.  While not mandatory, we do encourage members who are close enough to the Exhibitions to show their best blooms, and/or participate in those shows.  Our first show is held in Markham, Ontario in early September, and our second show is held in Agincourt, a suburb of Toronto.  We also encourage you to visit the Hamilton Mum Show in the Gage Park Greenhouses in that city, in late October and early November.  Membership in our society also brings our newsletter Cuttings, which is full of timely advice on growing and showing, plus other newsworthy items

 For speaking engagements in the toronto area

We have people who are able to make quality presentations on chrysanthemums, dahlias, or both.  While most members grow one or the other, some have tried both.  Naturally, that means we are still learning our craft as well.  Most areas we have served thus far are somewhat close to Toronto, so travel costs can be somewhat mitigated.  Contact us for speaker fees, availability, and for proposed dates.  For e-mail info, click the 'About Us' tab.